September 27th, 2011 by Fast Eddie

Not too bad on the eyes…

Album out today…

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Perfect with your morning coffee…

September 8th, 2011 by Fast Eddie

Great production quality…

6 Over – Teaser from Wild Honey Productions on Vimeo.

Can’t wait…

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Been That Kind of Week…

August 10th, 2011 by Fast Eddie

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Almost Friday…

July 14th, 2011 by Fast Eddie

I heart Dee Dee


Regular posting to resume after Carmageddon

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Award Tour…

June 27th, 2011 by Fast Eddie

Being out of the country for work during the previous 2 Born Free’s kinda blew big… So being firmly planted within the confines of the good ‘ol US of A (work travelling is no bueno) for saturdays third installment of Born Free, we headed out to check out some bikes, drink some beer and shoot the shit.  I’m sure you’ll get more in depth photos everywhere else… This is what I was able to click off between beers….

The Black Falcon… as previously mentioned– amazing attention to detail…

Siksika… currently one of my favorite Pan’s…

Hide’s Shovel– So simple and effective.  More proof that simple swing arm stances can be so good…

This Pan was all business— steel braided everything, Hurst slick in the back, simple attack/drag bars…  love it…

Aaaand— for 2 years in a row, Len wins AGAIN!  Best Cafe award.  Though this bike may look similar to his Superhawk from last year, this is a completely new build based off of a CB400f.

Scratch built aluminum “quick release” tank and zeus fastened seat section with hand done upholstery… just the tip of the iceberg…

Len was up until 8 am the day of welding up odds and ends to get the bike completed

Much deserved!

Ruler~! Congrats again holmes!!

To avoid getting too sun drunk, we high-tailed it over to Barret-Jackson to meet up Pat and see rich people throw away money on questionable decisions….

You don’t even know how fast the price rose to this….

Ending with this…

Funny thing was, a cherry Cuda came up right after and garnered only $65,000.  Tastes are-a-changing….

Congrats again to Len!

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Karma is a Motherfucker…

June 17th, 2011 by Fast Eddie

As previously stated on this blog, I usually refrain from posting private and professional dealings in my life– it just has no place here. However, this is one that has been festering away at me for quite sometime, and now since the news is pretty much official, I feel it somewhat proper to let you all in on it.

Taken from Apparel News:

Comune Staff Marches Off the Job

June 17, 2011

Nearly the entire executive and design staff of skate and lifestyle-brand Comune abruptly quit the three-year-old Costa Mesa, Calif.–based label in a protest over the brand’s direction, company sources said.

The resignation of Frank Delgadillo, brand founder and president, and nine other top staff members was made public June 17 when Julie Shumaker, Comune’s vice-president of marketing, sent a mass email to retailers, manufacturers and friends of the brand. She said a brand investor had made a hostile takeover and sought to change the direction of the brand.

“Comune was never designed to be a mass-market brand,” she wrote in an emotional message.

The brand’s designers and executives disagreed with its partner, Los Angeles-based Komex International Inc., over the reported hiring of a new sales team, Comune sources said. Delgadillo declined to be interviewed for this story. John Inn, the co-owner of Komex, which manufacturers juniors label Bubblegum USA, declined to talk about the transition until next week.

The staff also was angered over Komex’s intent to cut the label’s sponsorship of a skate team, said Mike Quinones, Comune’s creative director, who left the company with Delgadillo. “We came to the industry with skate roots. I’d rather leave the brand than stick around and watch it turn into something we wouldn’t recognize,” he said. Comune designer Jake McCabe and a distribution staffer, Howie Marchbanks, remained with the brand.

Delgadillo will embark on a new fashion project in the near future, Comune sources said. Shumaker’s letter said the Comune staffers who resigned will “transition as a cohesive team.” The other team members leaving Comune are Mark Logan, brand manager; Matt Davis, vice president of sales; Clifford Lidell, graphic designer; Keri Banach, designer; Billy Garner, marketing coordinator; Sean Ciminesi, West Coast sales; and Cory Heenan, East Coast sales.

Delgadillo started the Comune label in 2008 shortly after he resigned from his position as president of Irvine, Calif.-based Ambiguous Clothing, a label he launched in 1996 out of his Chapman University dorm room. Again Delgadillo had a difference of opinion with the direction of that company. This time his dispute was with Ambiguous’ licensee holder, Ray’s Apparel, on the direction of the brand. While Ambiguous continues to find success, 25 people left that label after Delgadillo resigned. “Frank has more loyalty than any person I’ve met,” Quinones said.

Comune has been selling at a number of well-known stores such as Pacific Sunwear, Jack’s Surfboards and American Rag, Last September, it started a diffusion line called Sandinista for Pacific Sunwear that had a more economic price point than Comune’s.–Andrew Asch

What does this mean you say? Well if you look at the top right corner under “Who We Are”, you will see Commune with 2 M’s.  That was my company/brand that I co-founded with my partner in 2005.  Notice I said 2 M’s.  It was a men’s lifestyle company creating contemporary garments that, at the time, was pretty much ahead of the curve– save for like-minded brands of trusted colleagues and friends such as Fiberops and The Lovewright Co., and you can’t forget about Shinsuke-san in Tokyo with Neigborhood. Now fast forward 3 years to 2008 and word started to brew around me that a certain Mr. Frank Delgadillo would be “heavily borrowing” (I prefer to call it stealing) from my label— lifestyle aspect, market segment, garment styles… even the name. Which is why I must reiterate 2 M’s. Long story short, after a lengthy legal process and tons of money spent, a classic case of Goliath stealing from David occurred.  At the end of day, my partner and I had to walk away.  With big financial backing at their disposal, we couldn’t continue to fight.  So there it was– the last 5 years of both our lives were taken just like that.

With all that said, I have to give it up to Mr. Delgadillo and Mr. Quinones for painting/purporting (some call it posing) a said lifestlye.  Sure fooled everyone right?  Why try and cultivate when you can pay for it?  Classic example was their yearly Karlson Tea Party– a fancy title to an art show featuring plenty of Socal’s chopper elite and their works at Comune’s headquarters.  Pay enough to them to show up and make your brand look cool.  Show looked great and the work and people involved are top notch I’m sure.  But are you really fooling anyone?  And it doesn’t stop there– our good friends over at WeAreNotYou have just posted some other interesting developments about Comune’s penchant for biting/stealing “borrowing” from others’ work– check it HERE.

At the end of day– it’s all in the past.  Water under the bridge I suppose.  But I can tell you for sure… Karma is a Motherfucker…

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Todays Mood…

June 9th, 2011 by Fast Eddie

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June 9th, 2011 by Fast Eddie

Our resident madman Goose just finished up his MA program over at AFI this week and had a grad show to showcase his hard work.  The past couple of years of his life have been spent slaving away designing and building sets, props, characters and vehicles for films.  In typical Art Center fashion, he demolished the competition and was the stand out of the show.  Sean put it best– “He didn’t just kill everyone. He chopped off their heads and sent them back to their mothers.”  Stand out of the show is an understatement…..  What you’re gonna see below is not even a tip of the tip of the iceberg.  The show will be continuing till the end of the week at the AFI stage on campus.  I highly suggest you go check it out.  Please excuse the crappy, blurry Iphone pics…

Goose and Yukio plotting a run to the open bar…

I’m sure Goose will be updating his portfolio site (up on the top left sidebar) shortly with all the new work after some well deserved debauchery….  Congrats brother!!

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LWR Summer ’11

June 1st, 2011 by Fast Eddie

Looks to be another killer season by the homies Danny & Shawn…


The Stay-Summer 2011 Teaser from The Lovewright Co. on Vimeo.

Check it here: LWR CO

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Only a week of class left

May 28th, 2011 by Goose

Showcase reel from goose aspegren on Vimeo.

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