Some music for the kids.

November 18th, 2008 by Jan

I’ve linked some Misfits, and some Iron Maiden earlier this year, and today feel compelled to include some post rock. Not quiet Hardcore, way to progressive and violent at times to be easy listening, and certainly not emo… Post rock bands got some exposure thanks to Texas natives Explosions In The Sky with their score to the movie “Friday Night Lights.”

Sharing the label that produces their music is two bands from Japan I love. Mono, an eerie and haunting set of songs and like Explosions without lyrics. Labelmates Envy have been playing in my iTunes a little more often though. Quiet like being alone in the forest one minute then slowly building to a crushing scream in Japanese that I can listen to all day long. Give them a listen.

Envy – Scene

Mono – Moonlight

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