Definitely NOT Yokohama….

December 15th, 2008 by Fast Eddie

In case you live in butt-fucking nowhere or the arm-pit of wherever you’re at, the Mooneyes Christmas party was on Saturday. A far cry from the Moon parking lot in Santa Fe Springs, Irwindale will have to do for now (well it’s been “having to do” for quite some time). I’ll leave my little personal qualms aside and we’ll get to the pics so gracefully shot by Yukio. Oh yah and the show got NOTHEN on Yokohama– BAR NONE.

Wood centers are the new gun metal face…

Kutty! (Hippy Killer Garage)

Mrs. Noteboom’s Trump…

Beer Pong Champ

Ran into Sal (SLB23)– Cue the “Yaaaahhhh maaaannnnn!!”

Holy hella flake…. lots of texture going on….

Flattie madness

Another pristine Flathead example. One of the cleanest bikes at the show.

Holy heavy front end (sorry for the constant Batman+Robin references)

Piero’s Live-Wire coupe….

We decide to get the fuck outta dodge and saw that some of the best bikes were actually in the parking lot. Per Yukio’s words, “someone missed the memo”.

Pan/Shovel love child

That’s wrap for this year. Merry fucking Christmas.

Oh and on a side note, Jason Jessee is not really that crazy, Cole Foster likes his ciggies and they both like the Redwood. That is all.

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3 Responses to “Definitely NOT Yokohama….”

  1. Kyoko Says:

    hi there! i was surfing internet then found here! so i was wondering who is the 6th picture which wear the grey plaid jacket? cuz that my brother designed! our brand ” core fighter “

  2. Fast Eddie Says:

    Kyoko! That is awesome! That is fellow So-So Eevl Goose. We carry Corefighter at our store Fast Eddie’s Garage. Thanks for looking!

  3. Kyoko Says:

    Ow i see! n i know the store Nori told me who live in LA ! thanks comment me back!