Keep it Comen……

February 27th, 2009 by Fast Eddie

Our good friends over at The Lovewright Company have always had that certain “umph”. One look at their product and it is easy to see why they seem to be perennial favorites of just about everyone. Mr. Danny Reyes (HNIC of Lovewright) has been keeping busy as of recent, what with new career moves and a new addition to the family (HI Joaquin!), it’s crazy to think that dude has had the time to pump out another excellent season of quality goods. It has JUST dropped and it can be checked out on their site HERE. Go support the people that would support you! Tell ‘em the So-So’s sent you.

By the way, we (Fast Eddie’s Garage) have received the new shipment as well and should be updated on the online store in the following week. Hold tight!

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One Response to “Keep it Comen……”

  1. paul Says:

    We are happy to see dat HNIC back in action.