Keep It Classy Bakersfield… Whatever that means…

March 13th, 2009 by Fast Eddie

Bit of a late post. The crew rounded up last weekend and we hit the road due north to check out the Nostalgia Drags at Famoso Raceway in “wonderful” Bakersfield. Good times overall, despite the lack of certain real “nostalgic” drag cars. Wanted to see a lot more gassers and such, but there were a fair amount of front engine dragsters, which was pretty cool. Definitely a lot of altered and pro modified type cars. Anywho, you can’t beat ice cold Budweisers with your brothers, the smell of rubber, the sting of nitro in your eyes and Earlyman pumping from the speakers (no, not at the strip). Oh and the road whores were plenty, getting ready to get Havasu drunk. Good times.

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One Response to “Keep It Classy Bakersfield… Whatever that means…”

  1. Donovan Says:

    the hot rod reunion weekend in past years has been more “traditional”…