April 22nd, 2009 by Sean

ZZtops¬†Cadzilla…..still owns it

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5 Responses to “Bitchin…”

  1. Christian Mejia Says:

    Have you seen the bikes that go with Cadzilla? Hogzzillas

    The first one was built by my boss (Pete Chapouris, SO-CAL Speed Shop) for Billy Gibbons who’s a regular customer of ours. I haven’t seen the Cadzilla in person but some of the photos we have here rule.

    Dig your site

  2. Yukio Says:

    Thanks Christian. Sean hates bikes, but those are kick ass. I can just see it, Hogzillas up front, Cadzilla in back, La Grange playing super loud on god’s boombox. fuck yes.

  3. Christian Mejia Says:

    Fuck yes, is correct Yukio! I am not a fan of streamlined custom Harley’s but seeing them together with the Cadzilla definitely adds a certain element that you can’t overlook. Tell Sean that if he likes cars like the cadzilla then he needs to make it out to our Father’s Day open house this year. Stay fresh!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah I have seen those bikes…Despite what Yukio says I dont hate bikes….I just dont ride…
    But yes those bikes are epic. I remeber seeing those bikes in baremetal as a kid being fabbed in bare metal at Bob Bauders shop in crestline back when Bob and Pete worked together…I think this was pre PC3g….Late 80s early 90s..My father has photos…at
    The fathers day show pre party is kick ass….I have been every year but the last two. Since I live in San Diego..its hard to make it up after work…But I miss the free IN&out..
    Hope to make this year as well….

  5. Christian Mejia Says:

    Those must be pretty cool memories. Sorry we missed you the last two years, The show has grown out of control. Every year it gets bigger and this year shouldn’t be different regardless of our economy. Hope to see you here this year, if not then stay cool this summer.