June 19th, 2009 by Yukio

I’m going to be in London and Paris for the next week or so. If anyone knows anything off-beat or bike/car related I should check out, let me know. Comment or Email. Thanks.


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5 Responses to “London/Paris”

  1. Gabriel Says:

    FWD>> at Plastic People in Shoreditch, London.
    Weekly dubstep, it’s a must!

    Enjoy London mate!

  2. BMS Says:

    obviously, hit ace cafe. duh.

    in paris, hit the montmartre district. it’s in the north. if you take the green train to jules jofrin stop, there’s a great place to eat called “le cafe du nord,” and there’s a waiter who looks just like peewee herman, hair ‘n all!!! furthermore, right next to there is the “marcadet poissonier,” which is kinda like paris’ version of tokyo’s tsukiji fish market. also, there’re a lot of cool “this ‘n that’s” in that area. there’s even a vegan traditional-buddhist-monk-nepalese restaurant in montmartre!!!! hahaha

  3. Giannis Says:

    Visit this in Paris

  4. Michael Says:

    If you got any chance to visit Berlin as well, have a look at this:

    As you may know, Berlin is a cool place to be these days. :-)

    If not, have fun in London/Paris

  5. Yukio Says:

    Thanks everyone for your advice. Ace cafe is def on the short list for my next visit, but didnt have enough time this trip. I’ll post up some pics shortly.