Skip Church

July 10th, 2009 by Fast Eddie

Be a lil’ devil…


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3 Responses to “Skip Church”

  1. Christian Mejia Says:

    Yo Fast Eddie, I was there and it was a pretty sweet show. Lots to see and lots of bikes I wish I didn’t see. But all in all there was a nice amount of sweet bikes. I didn’t get to try the Creeps BBQ though. =\

    Any idea why the paramedics and fire trucks showed up? I was at the bar down the street when I noticed them there.

  2. Fast Eddie Says:

    I got there right after the whole situation. Yukio and Goose were already there for a bit and had informed me that a guy had suffered heat stroke, lol. Apparently, tons of bikes left after all that as well.

    Anywho, Yukio will be posting coverage of the event shortly…

  3. Christian Mejia Says:

    A Heat Stroke! WTF!? It was in the 70′s there, It sucked having to go back into the San Gabriel Valley after leaving Venice. I relly enjoyed the cool breeze. Well, hopefully that dude is alright. I look forward to Yukios coverage.