Gratuitously Self-Righteous

December 14th, 2009 by Fast Eddie

Or something like that…  I’m never one for self-gloating or promotion, but the way this recent project turned out and the people involved, I felt inclined to share.  Goose and I had the chance to collaborate with our good buddies Danny and Shawn of The Lovewright Co. recently on an artist series redux for one of their seasons.  I’ve known Danny for awhile now, since our two brands have grown along together simultaneously, collaborating with each other quite often.  It is good to surround yourself with good peoples to work with and I am nothing but proud to always work with him and call him a friend.  Our other good buddy and all around ruler, Paul Sun of The Social Trust, so graciously and expertly shot the photos for the look book.  Check em out…








Check out the good folks at The Lovewright Co.  HERE— Support Those That Support You!

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One Response to “Gratuitously Self-Righteous”

  1. Christian Mejia Says:

    Congrats and great Job! These photos rule as well.