Love Awareness Program

January 4th, 2010 by Fast Eddie

We received word from our good buddy Erik (FUCT) that the film short he was working on finally went live.  Filmed on location in Los Angeles, at our favorite couples’ place (Maurice and Melissa), Erik told us that there was a small surprise mid way in throughout the short.  As the camera pans from the TV, you can see two So-So’s decals that Maurice had on his heater.  A great piece of film work that not only doubles as Erik’s directorial debut, but the beginning to a re-vamp of the FUCT site.  Below are some stills captured from the short…

Check it out for yourself here:  FUCT

Great job Erik!  Looks killer!  Thanks for the heads up

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2 Responses to “Love Awareness Program”

  1. V Says:

    Dear So-so’blog,

    I really like your blog, it’s clean and it’s content is abfab.
    I’m going to travel for about a year on a motorcycle and was
    thinking about having a little blog for friends and family myself.
    I was wondering which theme this is, if you don’t mind telling me ofcourse.

    Kind Regards and keep going with this brilliant blog.


  2. Yukio Says:

    Thanks V. Unfortunately, I made this theme myself. I do this computer stuff for a living. It’s just a wordpress blog, and I’m sure you can find a clean theme from Best of luck.