Greetings from Mars…

May 2nd, 2010 by Fast Eddie

Been gallivanting around asia for the past couple of weeks cuz of the day job.  Getting a bit homesick, missing mexican food, shenanigans with the crew, missing watching the Lakers and my own bed.  Anywho, was alerted to two new sites from good brothers of ours.  First being:

My brother from another, confidante and business partner, DannyGoodNews has launched his own corner of this great big interweb where he quips and muses on the latest, greatest or whatever the fuck he wants.  Check it out– I realize you may not need another time waster, but who fucking cares… Good shit D– looks rad!

Next up is the much anticipated relaunch of Irons Brand!  Handsome gent Mike Irons decided to bring back the heater for all you fuckfaces and “eliminate your whole crew, and your dancer”.  Congrats Mike!  Hook me up with a size M. Ha!

Still got some time on the road before I can get back home.  Wish me luck…

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