Dimensional Pull

September 23rd, 2010 by Fast Eddie

It’s that time of season again– overseas in Asia for work, mainland China to be exact.  I’m pretty sure it’s because of China’s “ex”-communist past, but it’s like the twilight zone here.  Everything is just OFF…. definitely weird, hard living.  Anywho, thought I’d share some awesome “engrish” with you all during my time spent during meals.  It’s actually not “engrish”… maybe google translate fail…

Dunno what menu subcategory it is, as I can’t read Chinese… but the heading for it DOES say, “Board which is a tyrant”….

I was able to figure this one out— obviously bento style boxes, but more eloquently put, “Desktop business packages”….

Sorry, this is the crappiest pic of the lot… “Prescribed burning furnace taste”

This was actually at lunch today— anyone for a drink?

Apologies for the horrible Blackberry pics… Iphone FTW… See you guys back in LA…. hopefully…

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